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Lion vs. Sheep

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

A Lion is named the king of the jungle by being relentless, ambitious, hungry for determination and success. "They aren't the strongest, the fastest, or the biggest," you might say. It is all about what you believe you can do. However, is a Lion's life always the easiest one? Never. The life of a king is often a painful one, that's because a Lion often sacrifices short-term pleasures like comfort, money, and time to create long-term gains.

Sheep tend to think and behave in ways that conform with others in the group rather than thinking for themselves. They tend to follow a path not of their own but of others. Herd mentality can be dangerous because people lose their sense of self-awareness. A herd of sheep can only move at the speed of the slowest sheep. A sheep is a creature that enjoys living a quiet and easy life. It doesn't have any ambitions or desires that are worth pursuing. The sheep would rather live an easy life of eating, sleeping, and relaxing. Of course, the problem is that life will only get more challenging as it goes on. When an animal attacks, is the sheep strong enough to fight back? No.

Surround yourself with ambitious people who will empower you to become better. When you surround yourself with people with dreams, they will help you push for and realize your own. They are worth keeping around. You will outgrow people such as friends, significant others, and even family. A lot of the time, they won't see the same vision as you do. They will let their insecurities and fears crawl onto you.

Now I'll ask you a genuine question, are you either born a lion or born a sheep? No. You decide what role you choose to play by determining how you live your own life.

Forget about the world's desires and distractions such as money, power, and fame. Making a difference in this world should be a priority. Listen to your inner voice. Be the challenger in the arena. Believe in yourself. The work you do is to stick to your vision. Your voice is gifted, each and every one of you. Worrying about what others are doing and what think they may think of you. That is sheep behavior. Life is a test; it will show you have to accept the bad with the good. When you struggle and challenge, you only get stronger if you decide you won't let life keep you down.

Be like a lion, be a beast at heart.

- Osama, Founder of Matin Tribe

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